"Caitlin Bird your techniques are working marvelously! Sundance is advancing in his training we had kind of got to a point where we were not moving forward but now we are thanks to the training class." - Leslie in St. Petersburg, FL

"I would like to give a big shout out to Caitlin for helping Coco the Quaker Parrot and me to get over the large hurdle we faced with his aggressive behavior. We made a great breakthrough this week based on the training Caitlin provided me. Coco and I are learning from each other thanks to Caitlin's help." - Karen M. in FL

"Caitlin Bird is the Behavior Educator for Florida Parrot Rescue. She helps our fosters create positive relationships with parrots who come in to rescue, and works to help make those parrots adoptable. She also trains humans how to properly handle and communicate with their animal companions through Applied Behavior Analysis. She has helped many parrots who were once thought unadoptable or unhandleable, to become happy and loving members of their foster and adoptive families!" - Karen A. in FL

"...I want to thank Caitlin for helping us. If it wasn't for her training we would have had no choice but to return Rocky. Poor Rocky has been returned 4 times to the rescue here in Iowa. We want this to be his last home. We Skype with Caitlin in our sessions. If you need a trainer please consider Caitlin. We totally trust her and she would be a great help to you also." - Christy H. in FL
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