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Long-term Success For Companion Animals

Online Class 

5 weeks $325

Many pet owners are not aware that there is a science that makes sense of the crazy things our animals do. Learning the science is the first step for long-term success with companion animals.Want to know how to stop that awful screaming, barking, or teach your pet to happily go to other family members? Maybe you just need your pet to learn some simple behaviors? This class covers it all, learn the science of behavior about why our animals do what they do and get ready to see results! Each class comes with a personalized behavior change plan for one behavior of your choice. Each additional behavior change plan is $30 at the end of the class.

The online class includes free phone calls in addition to personalized attention from your very own instructor! There is no need for home visits which means you learn at your leisure. The complete class generally lasts 1.5 months. Payment is made via Paypal. Your pet must have had a vet visit within the past year in order to proceed with training. 
  1. Behavior ABC's and Other Things
  2. Positive Reinforcement
  3. Negative Reinforcement
  4. Punishment
  5. Practicing the Functional Assessment
  6. Making your FA + FREE behavior change plan ($30 for each additional plan)

What you will need:

A Journal/pencil
Skype and webcam (if you are located outside PA)
Camera to record training sessions
A YouTube account
A knowledge of your pet's favorite reinforcers
One hour a week for phone calls (FPR birds are limited to 30 min)
5-15 min for training homework 3-7 times a week
Veterinary information

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