About Caitlin

I am the Behavior Educator for Florida Parrot Rescue donating my time to teach foster volunteers the ethics and methods of Applied Behavior Analysis over Skype, email, and in person.

I help spread love and kindness through the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. With it I help pet owners openly communicate with their animals without using fear, force, or coercion. I volunteer my talents to Florida Parrot Rescue to transform previously unhandleable parrots into gentle, trusting pets. As a zookeeper I teach behavior science to my fellow co-workers giving them the skills to train the exotic animals in their care without fear, force, or coercion. My long term goals include paying off my college loans and curating a zoo, curating Loro Parque would be my dream job. 

If you are interested in training your pet visit the Behavior Services page or email Caitlin at CaitlinBird12@gmail.com 
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