Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting Into the Swing of Things.

        It has been an amazing three weeks since my last blog post, where do I begin? I guess I'll begin where I left off. I was speaking to the pet lovers tribe on Periscope and it turns out that the shows have now been transferred over to Facebook! They were looking for a bird expert at the show and it looks like they found one! I have been accepted into the fold of The Pet Lovers Tribe and am now presenting every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on their Facebook page. I was talking with a Dawn Hagen, one of the amazing people involved in the pet lovers tribe, and she help me come up with the name of my show and we settled on "The Chirp". I've been broadcasting for 2 weeks now and I'm already seeing the benefits it's having on me, personally. My regular speaking and researching skills are being used, as they haven't been since I've graduated college two years ago.

When I opened up my book for the bird anatomy broadcast I was flooded with great satisfaction reading about how animals work from the inside out. I'd forgotten how much I love researching and sharing knowledge with people. These past few months have been very difficult for me as I have been battling with depression. When living in a new place without friends, or support, or family members it tends to make getting your dreams off the ground difficult. Becoming part of The Pet Lovers Tribe has helped me feel like I belong somewhere again. In addition to the pet scope TV there is a weekly meeting that I am going to for business entrepreneurs. This group is very well-connected and very tightly-knit. Everyone is there to help everyone else and I have already contributed to helping others in this group. Feeling needed and feeling wanted is something that can break anyone out of a deep depression and I feel like being a part of both of these groups will help me to become a whole person again. I'm someone who is always looking to improve herself and understand that perfection is never achieved. But it's that striving for perfection that keeps you on your toes and keeps you learning throughout your life.

Oh, and did I mention my little parrotlet, Titan, joins me for every broadcast on the pet scope TV? He's quite popular and I must say you should come see him!

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