Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Just Updated! Online Classes to Fit Your Schedule and Budget!

Is your pet well behaved but you want it to do just one behavior? This is your class! 

Individual Skillset Classes

1-3 weeks


What you will need:

A Journal/pencil
Skype and webcam (if you are located outside PA)
Camera to record training sessions
A YouTube account
A Paypal account
A knowledge of your pet's favorite reinforcers
One hour a week for phone calls (FPR birds are limited to 30 min)
5-15 min for training homework 3-7 times a week
Veterinary information

  1. Target Training Class
  2. Step up Class (Target training class required)
  3. Station Training Class
  4. Trick Training Class 1 (Turn around, ring a bell on cue, wave hello)
  5. Trick Training Class 2 (Color discrimination, fetch, hang loose)
  6. Learning Indoor Recall 1, 2, and 3

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