Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Best Enrichment Toy!

If you have not heard of Lara Joseph she is a behavior an enrichment specialist located in Ohio. She recently challenged her followers to submit enrichment ideas to win a pre-recorded webinar from her website. Being that I recently moved from the bright and sunny state of Florida to PA, I had conveniently forgotten what snow was, until today. 

After a blissfully snow absent November, December, and half way through January, today is the day the heavens have chosen to open up and unleash god's snow binging session. I am currently looking out my back window to a pile of snow no less than five feet in height. Yes it has engulfed the car and it is still snowing.

So with nothing better to do I decided to put forth a little effort and record Titan's reaction to snow enrichment! Enjoy my entry!

@thepetscopetv @larajoseph ‪#‎BestEnrichmentToy‬ Titan the Florida born parrotlet gets snow! By offering a temperature and shape changing foraging toy Titan will practice his ground foraging skills at a slightly higher level of difficulty. This helps keep our animals used to change and better adapt to life.

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