Sunday, December 13, 2015

All Packed Up and Ready to Go!

So it's been a little while since you guys have had an update. I've been thinking about what to write, I just haven't been putting in much of an effort to do so. Sometimes it scares me, honestly! When I write something it's usually a technical paper where I do lots and lots of research and fact check my every sentence, and that's how I've done many blog posts in the past. Well, not today I say!

You know that dream job you've always wanted, and you were sure that it was always going to be just out of grasp? It dangles barely in front of your outstretched hand, just beyond the fingertips...
But I grabbed it! Not sure how, not sure why, but I did it. And what do you know the job was pretty great, they treated me well and the training philosophy was pretty darn close to what I felt comfortable with. Close, but not enough to make me want to stay. When it comes to animal training there are some pretty picky people out there and I happen to be one of them. I have a strong ethical stance on certain issues so I left without looking back.

I got another job offer in another state (PA) and winter is looming on the horizon of mid December-early January. After 15 glorious years in the sunny, and often eclectic state of Florida, I am left to wonder if I'll ever get to wear all 15 pairs of flip flops in a year again. Well, at least there are exotic zoo animals up here. Never had the chance to train a Camel or Kangaroo before so it should be an equal trade off, right?

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