Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cockatoo On The Way!

So in the next 15 minutes I will be on my way to visit my first foster bird from Florida Parrot Rescue. I have fostered a couple birds from a smaller rescue before, so I am somewhat familiar with what I'm getting into. But those two birds were an Alexandrine Parakeet and a Cockatiel, smaller birds. This time around it's going to be a bit larger.

I'll be leaving to see a large pink bird by the name of Jo-jo. And Jo-jo happens to be a Moluccan Cockatoo.

A Moluccan Cockatoo at Parrot Jungle Island Miami (now Jungle Island) (c)

WOW! I never imagined I would be caring for a cockatoo in the near future! After volunteering for a rescue and zoo for several years I've learned just how loud, demanding and expensive these birds are! I'll keep you posted on how the visit goes tonight! 

----------------------------------- UPDATE...UPDATE...UPDATE... --------------------------------

My roommate and I just got back from visiting Jojo who is currently an hour away from where we live. It was important to include my roommate because he does not want a noisy bird. And I made it so he can help choose if Jojo is the bird to take in for fostering.

I warned him that cockatoos are known for their noise producing qualities and if he feels Jojo would be too much we can back down from fostering him. After watching the bird for a few hours he comes to the conclusion that Jojo is happiest in a low-key household with few birds and agrees that Jojo can fit right in! He'll fit in nicely over here with my one blind cockatiel for the next few months.

The woman keeping Jojo for the time being was a pleasurable hostess. A moderately short woman that grabbed your attention with her navy blue cat eyeliner enveloping her beautifully large eyes. This woman is also my foster coordinator.

"Can I get you anything?" She says and then begins offering a wide variety of beverage choices. Out of politeness we refrain from putting stress on our hostess but then later give in when asked a second time.

Jojo is waiting patently on the top of his cage, eyeing us suspiciously.

We begin talking about Jojo, his history, likes, dislikes and diet. I watch how he is currently being handled and how he reacts. Not a very stress free process for Jojo. Looks like a long list of behaviors Jojo needs to learn to be a well functioning pet cockatoo.

After talking for a couple hours my roommate agrees that Jojo sounds "like a chill bird" too have around. My foster coordinator begins to pack Jojo's bags, three of them, full of three brands of pellets, cooked food, bird bread, seed, and toys.

Two days and he'll be here.

The massive amount of food and shredables that is Jojo's!

Bags and bags of pellets
The biggest bird toy I've ever needed to use!

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