Friday, February 22, 2013

Animal Collections!

I've been getting curious with some pretty gross stuff lately and The Brain Scoop hasn't been helping!
I'm a fairly active member in my college's Biology club and jumped at the opportunity to help maintain their herpatology collection!
Here we are sorting, filling, and oogling at the massive quantities of dead snakes, tortises, lizards and eggs! Each with their own unique dazzling scales or foreign patterns.
And there is still more to finish. I hope I can tag along next time!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reinforcement: Class Update

It is the fourth week of behavior modification class and I'm learning a few new things! I'll point them out to you as we review what Reinforcement and Extinction (and no I don't mean dinosaurs!) have to do with behavior.

Lets say my roommate rarely does the dishes (well its true) and I wanted for him to increase how often he does the dishes. As we learned last week when we want a behavior to occur more often but it is not occurring as much as we would like, it to it is called behavioral deficit. Whereas if the cleaning behavior occurred too much we would call it occurring in behavioral excess (wouldn't that be nice!?).

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I've been busy with exams these past two weeks and have chosen to forgo dedicating time to you guys over here. But fear not as next week the tough exams are over! Only then will I dedicate a little time to the shenanagians in this small corner of the world.
Until then fly a little higher every day!

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