Monday, January 7, 2013

Old Semester and New Semester Goals!

By now you should be fully aware that I am a college student as well as an animal trainer. My study habits had been a bit lacking the past few semesters and I wanted to increase the time I spent studying while simultaneously decreasing the time spent on Facebook and YouTube.

Using the concept of a token economy I gleamed from a wonderful book by Steven Ray Flora, I increased my study time from approximately three hours a day to nearly nine! Who knew that learning how to train Polly to raise her wings can also help in practical life situations?

This semester I'm ahead of the game with the knowledge and skills of a study plan.
I'm also signed up for an amazing class that I've been dying to take even before picking up my Psych minor, Behavior Modification. My first class starts today and the teacher seems very prepared for the coming onslaught of students. This is a class I am very excited for and hope to keep this blog filled with whatever shenanigans go down in it. I hope to summarize class discussions weekly and how those concepts apply to bird and animal training.

Get excited!

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