Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Token System Update!

Monopoly Money Tie

I started off this school year with designing my own personal token system. If you need a refresher on what a token system is read this. 

The reason I invented a token system or "rewards system" for myself is so I can concentrate and study more of my school work, rather than getting distracted by Facebook or other random things. Which is funny because Facebook wasn't interesting during the Summer months but somehow always becomes magically transfixing when school rolls around...

Anyway, the results for the first three weeks of school are good! At first I was worried that the entire system would fail because it all relies on my personal honesty with myself not to cheat! I was afraid I would take too many tokens for a task, or take the tokens too late after completing a certain task (The amount of time between rewarding a behavior is know as Immediacy. The longer you wait to reward a behavior the less quickly the behavior will appear in the future.) thus disengaging my interest. I kept these two things in mind when I started and I have happily not had a problem with them!

But I have run into a few hiccups:

1) I have not been consistent with redeeming the tokens for activities with friends, going out, computer time etc.

Not imminently delivering tokens not only reduces the value of the system to me, but it also reduces the value of the system when I "forget" to redeem them!

2) Still figuring out the amount of points that are "fair" to redeem for certain activities. 

I earn 5 tokens per chapter I read and made "blogging" a reward for 100 tokens!! It might take me a couple months to get there...

3) I need to make my tokens time sensitive.

Need to read chapter three before the next class? You have two days to earn 5 tokens! If it's not read before then I still have to read it but without the token reward. Hopefully this will not reduce the quality of my reading. Here's hoping! XxXx

Last weekend I kind of made a big booboo. I goofed off for three DAYS...
I made a nice long list of things to do, and "forgot" about them preferring to sleep early in the evening after work, and goof off on Pinterest all day. Can you believe it, pinterest! And as a result I am running extremely behind in practicing my Physics homework for the first exam on Friday! Panic mode!

Other than that I am reading and comprehending a lot more in class then in previous years of school. And in the first three weeks of school I have learned, most importantly, that this whole "token system economy" thing works best if I am immediate in my rewards and redemptions, fair with the amount of tokens, and stay on time with my assignments.

Wish me luck for the rest!

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