Friday, July 27, 2012

The Power of Reinforcement

I picked up a really cool book at my university library called The Power of Reinforcement. I thought it strange that it implied the use of both Positive and Negative Reinforcement in the title, so I picked it up thinking it would give me examples and applications of both varieties of reinforcement. Well, I was wrong.

I specifically picked it up because there are goofballs out there that promote the regular use of negative reinforcement in animal training, arguing that it has no downfalls or detrimental side effects. Because of this view I made a search for more information about negative reinforcement to see if the promotion of this tactic had any validity. I thought this book would set me strait. Well, it turns out that negative reinforcement still has many downfalls and detrimental side effects that promoters of this tactic are still blissfully unaware of.

I am instead finding many applicable uses of positive reinforcement in this book and it just tickles me pink! As I delve deeper into the pages of this book I'll blog about my discoveries so you can learn with me!

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