Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer Time is Lecture Time!

I've liked birds for a long time and it wasn't on purpose either, at first I had my eyes set on a rabbit when I was somewhere in the ages of 8-10 years old. But on that fateful day to the pet store I changed my mind from focusing on that sweet, lovable, fluffy critter to a more perky budgerigar. I couldn't help it, I was enchanted by not only their massive flurry of colors, -it was as if each bird could have walked strait out of a Candy Barrel sweet shop; dyed in bright neon green, deep celestial blue, bright sunny yellow and many other colors. They resembled a barrel of sweets, tightly wrapped -not in clear cellophane- but glossy and soft feathers that glistened in the same fashion- but by their great and joyous energy as well. To me they where great and talented acrobats claiming every inch of their plexiglass container as if it was a stage set up to be preformed upon the following night. 

But anyway enough of the childhood memories. As the title of this post proclaims I have an exciting announcement. I will be hosting yet another Lecture free for the public to attended! It will be hosted at a meeting by the Florida West Coast Avian Society and they are picking up my expenses so that you guys can come in for FREE! 

Save the date for: 

"Body Language: Empowering Our Parrots" 
June the 14th, at 7:00 pm
The Sahib Shrine Temple, 600 N. Beneva Road. 

FWCAS has room for 20-30 people so space is limited. This should be a fun evening for all as I have already presented this lecture a couple times for Florida Parrot Rescue and should have most of the kinks worked out. I'm going to keep the audience involved so you guys can get the most out of it. All of the material has been  sourced from respectable professionals working in their fields such as Barbara Heidenreich, Dr. Susan Friedman, and maybe even a good 'ol field Biologist or two such as the authors of "The Parrots of Luquillo" (The first book of it's kind created as an in-depth study of the Puerto Rican Parrot)!

I hope to see you there!

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