Saturday, February 11, 2012

Supermarket heroes

I Can Be Your Hero..

If you are a parent you are not just a caretaker, you are a trainer 24/7! And for that I salute you. Knowing what to do in unexpected, tough situations doesn't always come easy. Especially when you are on-call at all hours. 

That's why I like to help you guys out in the supermarket isle or, when I was working as a cashier, in the checkout line. You see, tantrums aren't always expected, nor are they always prevented (duh, tell me something I don't know!). But I'm the kind person who will distract a child long enough to enable the parent a quick escape from the evil villain, Mr. Tantrum.

Mr. Tantrum has a superpower: he (or she) appears in front of sugary foods everywhere with a vengeful, beet red face and ceaseless screams. Mr. Tantrum most often appears before a late lunch or dinner, when his (or her) powers are at maximum.

But I have a superpower as well, tantrum distraction! I spot a child sitting in a cart with dad strolling in the cookie isle. The child belts out "Dad I want this!" as he grabs a box of double stuffed double chocolate Oreos from the shelf. I can see Dad's reaction, the answer will most certainly be a stern "No" and yanking away the cookies with an ensuing fit soon to follow out the supermarket doors when shopping is over, a half hour later. So without hesitation I start up my tantrum distraction with a quick "Hey dude, can you do any 'tricks'?"

At this point the child will either blush a furious shade or red for being asked such a strange question by a stranger and refuse to talk at all, or they'll cock their head to the side and ponder what I mean. If they are really clever they'll shout out a resounding "Yes!" and show me what it means to "do tricks". Mostly I get that head cocked to the side. In which case I offer a series of high-fives: High, low, side, side, low again? Aww, too slow!

In any of the above scenarios the parent is able to use their own superpower of distraction, grabcookieswhilekidisdistractedandputbackonshelf!

After the sugar-bombs are back on the shelf Dad runs to the meat dept. for a safe escape...

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earthflight - Highlights from Earthflight

Few can imagine, and even fewer can capture so poetically, the life of birds.
For your viewing pleasure here are highlights from the new series "Earthflight" showcasing the eclectic lives of birds.