Thursday, April 21, 2011

Training When Young!

Take a look at the following video clip, it will make your heart skip with joy.

There, wasn't that just a sweet relationship those two had? It is so easy a child can do it! You don't need to resort to gurus or self-proclaimed experts that taught themselves via google. (A professor once told us that "experts" aren't anything. Being that "ex" refers to "the past" and "pert" is "a little drop of water". Put it together he said, and all experts are "Just an old used up drop of water." This idea had amused me on several occasions.)

Maybe there should be a new rule of thumb when you consider a sketchy training strategey: "Would I trust a child to do this?" And if there is a risk of the child getting scratched, bit, kicked, shoved or hurt in any way, you should rethink that training strategey. Granted this is not as good as the rule of thumb that zoo trainers use; "If I would not do this to a lion, I shouldn't do it." but it is another good idea to consider.

Happy training!

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