Friday, September 10, 2010

Most Evasive & Least Invasive Training

As if evasive/invasive wasn't confusing enough (I dare you to say that five-times fast) I now present to you my latest concoction! Explaining away -at least half-way decently- why it is a great idea to train the most evasively and least invasively, and how at least one person tripped up.

Without further ado I present a half asleep, half running on caffeine, and half particularly annoyed parrot trainer (did you notice? that adds up to 150%) VLOGGING, well it is more of a video reply but a vlog works too. Don't you love this tiny font? It is so annoying!

And if you are so inclined to look FWCAS (Florida West Coast Avian Society) kindly provided the materials to build this toy I made last night at their final meeting at the Animals By Nature Store.

All the favorites for a cockatiel

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