Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Up and Coming: Deconstructing the Womach Brothers!

I've figured it has been a long time since my last audio blog post, and with any luck this next topic will be a video blog! The first one I have ever done I might add...

So anyway the topic will be about that annoying duo of internet "Parrot Training Experts" known as the Womach Brothers! I currently have not kept too up to date with what new and nasty schemes that they have devised to poison the minds of the honest and gentle animal-lovers out there, nor have I noticed much activity from one member of the brotherly band of behavior bashers on the net. But I'll ask around and do some of my own research before I throw everything together to analyse it.

Lastly I just want to mention that if you have any input about this topic I would love to hear what you know/have to say. Posting is open to everyone so feel free to write something. If there is one thing that will need to be pointed out again and again in the upcoming video it will be to read body language, body language, body language!!
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