Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's not often that you see a great little Poicephalus in the news. I've only seen meyers and a female red bellied as pets. Some people say that red bellies are more interactive and less jittery than the meyers, yet other people claim the exact opposite. Who to believe? In my experience all three of the meyers I've met have been jittery around new people, they tend to be comfortable most around "their" people. And some of these birds have gotten outright nasty with me if I asked for a step-up! But the most recent meyers I know is a sweetheart with everyone. When you take the dear bird out of his cage his feathers automatically slick down and he is on the alert, and this would support the hypothesis that meyers are jittery birds. But I think there might be a little more to the story, the owner of the meyers has a lot of dogs, and a pair of cats always following us ,and the bird around. This could be causing the bird anxiety and be perpetuating a myth that meyers are a jittery parrot.
What about the meyers and Poicephalus you've met? What kind of characteristics have you noticed about them?

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