Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Birds

This is Achilles, my personal pet. She was abandoned at a local Emergency Vet Clinic after she flew into a fan, the accident left her crippled. Her left foot and wing bone where broken, and she has permanent neurological problems with seeing. I fostered her and planned to adopt her out myself through Safe Haven Avian Placement Services, after keeping her for one year and not finding the "perfect" home I've claimed her as my own.

These guys are a part of my friend's flock. I've known them for about 6 years and get to pet-sit for them every month or so. Not shown are Cuarvo, Mango, and Savanna.

And every week sweet faces like these pop up! Volunteering at the zoo is quite an adventure.

The Mouse
This is Fidget, and what a better name for a twitchy little mammal!? She was pretty much an impulse buy, she sated my 'need' to have another pet. Mice are small, low maintenance, very cutie and very trainable! Fidget was not always sweet though, I picked her for her unique coat but her disposition was not calm and cuddly. All the credit for taming goes towards Positive Reinforcement, which is a part of Applied Behavior Analysis FYI.

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