Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Just Updated! Online Classes to Fit Your Schedule and Budget!

Is your pet well behaved but you want it to do just one behavior? This is your class! 

Individual Skillset Classes

1-3 weeks


What you will need:

A Journal/pencil
Skype and webcam (if you are located outside PA)
Camera to record training sessions
A YouTube account
A Paypal account
A knowledge of your pet's favorite reinforcers
One hour a week for phone calls (FPR birds are limited to 30 min)
5-15 min for training homework 3-7 times a week
Veterinary information

  1. Target Training Class
  2. Step up Class (Target training class required)
  3. Station Training Class
  4. Trick Training Class 1 (Turn around, ring a bell on cue, wave hello)
  5. Trick Training Class 2 (Color discrimination, fetch, hang loose)
  6. Learning Indoor Recall 1, 2, and 3

Sunday, April 10, 2016

How to safely hand food to a bitey parrot

Just wanted to share a short "How To" video if you want to train a bite prone parrot, without getting bit. In my consultation services I am often given the challenge to help people build relationships with birds that don't fully trust people. Before training the bird to do anything the human caretaker needs assistance, and sometimes confidence building. In this video Christy shows the exact way to hand a parrot something without taking the risk of being bit. Way to go Christy!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Best Enrichment Toy!

If you have not heard of Lara Joseph she is a behavior an enrichment specialist located in Ohio. She recently challenged her followers to submit enrichment ideas to win a pre-recorded webinar from her website. Being that I recently moved from the bright and sunny state of Florida to PA, I had conveniently forgotten what snow was, until today. 

After a blissfully snow absent November, December, and half way through January, today is the day the heavens have chosen to open up and unleash god's snow binging session. I am currently looking out my back window to a pile of snow no less than five feet in height. Yes it has engulfed the car and it is still snowing.

So with nothing better to do I decided to put forth a little effort and record Titan's reaction to snow enrichment! Enjoy my entry!

@thepetscopetv @larajoseph ‪#‎BestEnrichmentToy‬ Titan the Florida born parrotlet gets snow! By offering a temperature and shape changing foraging toy Titan will practice his ground foraging skills at a slightly higher level of difficulty. This helps keep our animals used to change and better adapt to life.